Psychologist, Researcher and Consultant specializing in Performance and Occupational Health

Psychologist, Researcher and Consultant specializing in Performance and Occupational Health


From early on, I became interested in understanding what influences people, the way they live and the way they work, which led to my degree in Psychology at the University of Porto, in 2005.

All of my career, I have systematically worked in two areas: performance and health. I have developed training, mentoring, and coaching projects in organizations, aimed at building work systems that are smarter and generate results. From my experience, I have concluded that both areas that I have worked go together.

That’s how I got to the Doctoral Program in Occupational Safety and Health at the University of Porto, in 2016, and it became clear to me that a job well done has to include health protection.

At the Tejo Saúde Clinic, where I am a Psychologist and Managing Director, I assist people in recovering from emotional disorders and burnout, using a cognitive behavioral approach.

As an Occupational Psychologist, I provide counselling to professionals in individual consultations, assist organizations in projects in projects focusing on performance and well-being, and also train psychologists, human resources professionals, and healthcare workers.

As a mother, I know first-hand the challenges of combining a career with my personal life. My five children, help me learn every day about empathy, dialogue, and mutual help – values that are fundamental at work.


Clinical Psychology

Me and my team, we specialize in the following challenges:

  • Emotional disorders (depression, anxiety, panic)
  • Burnout and work-related stress
  • Challenges in personal and professional relationships

The process begins with a clinical and functional diagnosis and treatment planning. It is a comprehensive approach, in which we try to understand what you want to change and what obstacles lie ahead.

Together, we define the goals, set the plan, and determine how to measure progress. People don’t always come to therapy prepared to work on goals, due to the frail state they are in, or because they are unable to identify the source of their challenge. In such situations, we try to find a comfortable starting point. The first appointment is a key moment for the therapist and patient to get to know each other and assess how comfortable they feel about working together. The therapeutic relationship is one of safety and based on helpfulness. We always invite our patients to give feedback on how they feel throughout the process.

In the subsequent sessions, we work on strategies and tools that we propose to apply between Appointments. We assess the progress of therapy and set a plan the for end of the psychological follow-up, to prevent relapse. I believe that therapy must be practical and, above all, lead to a sustainable change.

The people with whom we work most often are executives, healthcare workers, Consultants, IT experts, entrepreneurs and college students.

What is our method? We use transdiagnostic cognitive-behavioral protocols: the various psychological difficulties have common mechanisms and symptoms. By working on these mechanisms and symptoms, it is possible for you to relearn how to feel and deal with the major concerns in your life, regardless of your diagnosis.

If you are an executive, you may be interested in the Executive Care Program (coming soon). For those who enjoy group sharing and the benefits of learning from the experience of others, we offer two activities: the therapeutic group program and a workshop on coping with stress (more information coming soon).

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Consultancy for Executives

The leaders of organizations have the privilege and responsibility of directing people and businesses. To do this, they need to be able to develop themselves, understand people, and organize the systems.

My job is to provide support to executives in their personal development, using psychological coaching and organizational consultancy. We work at the psychological, interpersonal, and systemic levels. Our basic philosophy is to promote a type of leadership that 1) knows the reality of the organization, and 2) encourages good ways of doing the job, thereby protecting the leader himself, the people, and the organization.

Through team-coaching, we accompany leadership teams: board level, management teams, boards of directors, and specific departments. We facilitate psychodynamics between leaders, trust in each other’s role, the means to overcome conflicts, and the ability of joint decision-making on strategic issues.

Learn about our Executive Care Program for burnout prevention or recovery (coming soon).

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We create programs to enhance work and promote the occupational health of workers in organizations. We base ourselves on Work Psychology, and our methodology uses scientifically validated methods, with evidence of our work in organizations in all sectors of activity.

Today, there are many approaches based on theoretical models of work that ignore what actually happens in the lives of organizations and their employees. Our perspective helps us to observe the client’s reality and develop answers with it. We are facilitators of change, which can only be brought about by the people themselves and the organization.

We work with organizations that:

  • believe in a collaborative approach;
  • are willing to really put people at the center of the process;
  • want to transform the way they work for the better;
  • have long-term concerns about health and are not just looking for superficial solutions.

To learn how you can grow your organization and protect people at the same time, you can talk to me and see if we are the right partners for you and your organization.

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Over the years, my team and I have partnered with advanced education institutions for healthcare workers, psychologists, and leaders. Learn about our collaborations.

In partnership with Tejo Saúde Academy, we provide short immersive courses, using exclusively deliberate hands-on practice. We provide advanced training in psychology skills, applied to: health, clinical and occupational psychology, and management.

We also work with the Portuguese Institute of Psychology and Other Sciences (INSPSIC), in advanced training, through the conferral of credits for further education and credits in the respective professional associations. Theoretical and practical classes with experienced instructors with advanced training in their fields. The institution has protocols that benefit professional and trade associations.

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To respond to each person and organization in a multidisciplinary and empathetic manner.

Change is a process that is facilitated when we have the knowledge and the right tools.

From my experience and research, it is mandatory to combine knowledge from different schools of Psychology, to have methods to analyze work, to understand how the human body works, to know data about the population and the laws that affects the lives of people and organizations.

The purpose of all this is to be able to understand what is unique to the person or the organization.

A working relationship based on empathy is just as important as knowledge: each person or organization is a world, and everything is new each time a process starts.
Currently, my favorite word is resilience, because I believe we can always find a way to make life worth living.



Academic training

Professional activity



Published in 2021, “A Bíblia da Carreira” (The Career Bible) is a practical guide to transforming work, avoiding burnout, and succeeding.

In this book I invite you to reflect on your professional activity, the changes you wish to incorporate, and how to combine them with the current labor market.
In addition, to helping you look ahead at the various stages of your career and anticipate steps to take.

You will also find practical advice on what content to include in your profile and how to enhance your market footprint.

Livro A biblia da carreira Cassiana Tavares



I can work with you to improve your general well-being, achieve balance and work in an effective and intelligent manner.

"Cassiana Tavares’ approach to subjects that are very challenging and complex, for most people, is simple and effective. Communication and leadership are fundamental tools in an increasingly competitive world and Cassiana helps everyone to explore their own true potential"



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